Information on Hottest Smashburger Locations

The smashing success of Smash burgers has been in the news for quite some time now. The business analysts and fast food chain experts could see it coming, as the ‘better burger’ concept coined by Smashburger made its way to the hearts of fast food customers. This article is what, why and where for those people, who have not been to a Smashburger store yet.  Here are some quick facts about Smashburgers:

  • In 2014, Smashburger was added to Forbes’s most promising companies of USA list.
  • The company grew very rapidly from just 3 stores in 2007 to over 300 branches across 5 countries in 2015.

What Smashburger

Smashburger was recently named the best fast-casual brand in the US. Some might get surprised reading this until they know the difference between the fast and fast-casual restaurant. In a fast-casual restaurant you order food on the counter (just like any fast food chain), but you get the food on the table served by the waiters. Further, the menu is slightly expensive and different, offering salads, sandwiches, shakes and wine.

The name of Smashburger comes from the technique on which the burger is made. The beef patty is literally smashed using a press and requires a sharp spatula to be scraped off the griddle.

Why Smashburger

Ask anyone who has ever been to a Smashburger point, chances are that he would never go to any other fast food joint. Here are some of the reasons he might give

  • Smashburger is better (tastier) than most of the fast food chains.
    Smashburger locations

  • No plastic at all! No plastic packaging, plastic spoons or plates used while serving.
  • Cool locations
  • Veggie burgers and salads
  • Menu full of options

Talking about the ‘better’ taste of the burgers, the makers claim that the smashing of the beef using the press does not let the juices to leak out and the burger absorbs them, making it smashingly delicious.

Where Smashburger

Now, if you are already craving for a smashing bite, the best way to find Smashburger location near you is to log on to Smashburger site at and enter the zip code. The way Smashburger is expanding makes it highly likely that a point might just opened round the corner.