SmashBurger Coupons

Smashgburger coupons allow you to get the most of an amazing fast casual dining experience. This means that the ingredients used to prepare your food, are fresher and fewer of them are frozen than you would find in a fast food restaurant, and you get table service that is faster than a traditional restaurant. So you win both ways.

Smashburger Food

Smashburger uses premium ingredients. The beef in the burgers are 100% certified Angus beef, prepared by the old Midwestern technique of smashing the fresh meat. This gives the meat a nice crust and the feel of a home cooked meal.

For those with allergies to particular foods or who have adopted certain diet, Smashburger has a double prong solution. The first is the nutrition customizer, which allows diners to choose their ingredients and even control the amount of calories or fats that they consume. Secondly, they have the interactive allergen menu, which allows you to avoid the things you cannot eat, like milk products or shellfish.

Smashburger Coupons

With the Smashburger coupons you can get this wonderful dining experience at a fraction of the usual cost. Say you are from Illinois, and you walk into Smashburger with a hankering for regular wind city smashburger, large buffalo fries and one of those delicious hand-spun vanilla Hӓagen-Dazs shakes. With the “get 2 dollars off your purchase of 5 dollars or more” coupon, you can save 2 dollars. There is also the free Hӓagen-Dazs shake for those with birthdays, just present your coupon at the counter and you could save over 4 dollars on that salted caramel shake.

Getting Coupons

The process of obtaining and using the coupons is very simple. Several online websites offer the coupons free, all you have to do is:

1. Print the coupons
2. Present them at your local Smashburger joint.
The problem with this is sometimes you find the coupons have expired or you have to wait for the sites to update.
The best alternative is to sign up to be a part of Smashclub
1. Go to the Smashburger website
2. In the menu click on club and cards
3. Fill in the forms with your details and click submit
Once this process is complete, you should be automatically updated every time coupons are available. You will get first priority and will be eligible for all promos. Sign up now and shave a few bucks off your next meal.